Health Care Purchasers & Payers

Coordinated and robust health care services in schools supports improved patient outcomes, encourages appropriate use of health services, and aligns with Washington State’s health reform goals. 

Together we can:

Ensure that all children in Washington have health insurance and access to the health services they need.
School nurses are a vital link to assisting children and families in enrolling for health insurance. 

Improve care coordination.
When student health needs are managed at school through care coordination, payers, purchasers, providers – and most of all – children will benefit.   

Reduce emergency room use.
Assisting students with access to primary health care, and helping to coordinate it, helps improve financial efficiencies for providers, payers, and families, reducing financial burdens on the healthcare system.

[See supporting data at Learn: School Services]

If you are a health care purchaser/payer and want to learn how you can partner to improve student health in Washington, contact us at

Healthy Students Achieve!