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Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among our nation’s teenagers. Every year, approximately one out of every 15 high school students reports attempting suicide.

Positive changes to the school climate and a student’s increased sense of connectedness to the school can result in improved academic achievement and healthy behaviors that foster a positive learning environment.

Learn how you can help

Download Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools, developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA).

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's Suicide Prevention Toolkit for High Schools

This FREE Toolkit assists high schools and school districts in designing and implementing strategies to prevent suicide and promote behavioral health. It includes tools to implement a multi-faceted suicide prevention program that responds to the needs and cultures of students and provides:

• Screening tools

• Information about warning signs and risk factors

• Parent education materials

• Research-based guidelines

• Resources to assist the whole community in its suicide prevention efforts that respond to the needs and cultures of high school students

• Practices to help identify students at risk of suicide

• Protocols to respond to suicide death

• Educational programs to engage youth in suicide prevention programs

• Recommended actions to increase parent and school community support for screening programs

Students helping students

See how students at Seattle’s Franklin High School implemented peer support through training by the Youth Suicide Prevention Program:


State youth suicide prevention plan updates

The Washington State Department of Health has been updating the youth suicide prevention plan – see the draft here.

Source: SAMSHA & KING5 Health Link